By David Janssen, Nexstar Membership Sales

Have you ever had one of those days when all you can think about is “Man, do I need a vacation”. Of course you have. We all have! But then reality sets in.

  • When do I have time to plan, let alone take a vacation?
  • How would my business function without me?
  • Where would I go anyway?

A vacation does not have to be a month on a tropical island, an African Safari, or Helicopter-Skiing in British Columbia. But these are certainly on my vacation list.

OK – now do me a favor…STOP reading for a moment, and clear you head.

No wait. First take a minute to make sure you have a vacation bucket list. Now clear your head… trust me, it’ll be okay. Now, visualize yourself on a dream vacation.

You back?  Nice wasn’t it? But you know what? It doesn’t matter if it is a dream vacation, a nice weekend, or an occasional day off. What does matter is that you are taking time away from your business to rejuvenate mentally AND physically. How can you provide constructive leadership and the vision your employees need, when you never leave your desk? A good ship captain can’t navigate changing water very well, if he trusts just what he sees in front of him. He needs maps, he needs radar, he needs perspective, and so do you. It’s easy to lose our perspective on our business and how to manage it successfully when we focus on the day to day.

Not only is a vacation is good for your mind and your health, it is good for business. And, in taking vacations, you set the right example for your employees!  That’s right. Your employees need vacations too. These folks leave their families and give you their dedication and energy. As a responsible owner, you need to provide them with the ability to recharge their batteries so they can continue to work hard on your behalf.

Once you are able to plan and actually take that vacation, make sure you notify anyone who might need you when you are out. Think ahead and get folks in place to cover for you. Most importantly, you need to disconnect. I know asking you to completely unplug from your business is probably out of the question, but I ask you to limit your availability via phone, text or email. Check once at night for emergencies, then let your team do the rest. Trust me, if you have the right team in place, they will do just fine.

If you’re still staying, “Yeah right, David.” Give me a call. Nexstar has business systems to help you prepare your business for you to take that vacation. Our business coaches will walk you through creating the right infrastructure to sustain operations while you are away. You, your family and your health are worth it.

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