A few weeks ago, marketing coach Susan Kimball had the pleasure of presenting at the Ohio Regional Meeting in Mansfield, Ohio., coordinated by Darlene Johnson of Johnson Heating & Cooling/Fixzit Man Susan did a full day presentation featuring marketing planning and internet marketing.

Attendees were assigned pre-event homework to get the most out of the meeting. They prepared by making copies of their current marketing, tallying their current customers and calculating the percentage of repeat business. They also ran their websites through a grader, conducted a customer survey of their website, and ran their website analytics before the meeting. All of this information was sent to Susan in advance of the meeting for review.

In the morning, Susan shared key points to consider when building a marketing plan. Each company displayed their marketing materials for a review of brand consistency and creativity and shared a successful marketing tool with the group. Members then viewed a display all of the Nexstar marketing materials arranged by trade and seasonality as Susan provided an overview of the tactics, as well as the specific tools Nexstar has to help build a marketing plan.  Attendees completed a master chart of what marketing tactics they are currently using to retain and grow current customers or to attract prospects, indicating what they will continue (and perhaps improve) as well as what they would like to add for their 2012 marketing plan

The afternoon session was focused on internet marketing. Members shared the results of their customer experience survey of their website. Susan then gave a presentation on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics and current useful and engaging internet tools.  She did a live review of several attendees’ sites offering suggestions for improvement and then facilitated as members reviewed each other’s websites in small groups using an SEO checklist.  Showing attendees’ actual Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Google Places dashboards as examples, Susan also demonstrated how to find the great information you can gain from these programs to analyze and improve your internet marketing results.

Darlene Johnson was inspired to host the meeting because she feels that it is yet another way members can connect and learn from each other. “By meeting more often and becoming friends with other members locally, I feel that we have a better chance of actually using our training and implementing change. Overall, it raises our accountability.”

Darlene encourages other members to host regional meeting and shared this tip: “Develop a small group to lead or spearhead the project. Determine a rough outline or plan to get things on a path, with input of all interested members. Have a plan! And as always, check in with your coaches for help, guidance and direction!”

Want To Hold A Regional Meeting?

Nexstar wants to make it easy for you to get together with other members in your area. We want you to hold a meeting that is not only enjoyable, but educational. While it is up to you to determine the location and work on the logistics, Nexstar can help you promote the meeting to other members via Nexstar News, etc..

Looking for meeting topics? Check out this list:

Marketing & Sales

  • Lead Generation Tactics: traditional , guerrilla and internet strategies
  • Lead Generation Tactics: Website design, writing and lead conversion strategies
  • Improving Sales Performance: How to be a Sales Manager
  • Improving Sales Performance: Improving Conversion Rates and Average Sales
  • Improving Call Center Performance: Maximizing inbound and creating outbound opportunities
  • Relationship Sales Process: How to sell relationships to large commercial accounts

Finance & Operations

  • Managing by the numbers: Proper income statement and balance sheet structure and key benchmark reviews
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly management review strategies: What statistics need to be reviewed by management
  • Direct Cost Management Strategies: techniques for managing direct labor and material expenses
  • Month end close process and income statement preparation
  • Creating a vibrant, energized company culture

If you’re ready, reach out to your peers and to your Nexstar coaching staff to get the ball rolling. Get your event on the calendar now and enjoy the benefits that come from Nexstar’s Incredible Peer Connections.