Taylor Legue, Nexstar-Certified Technician, Jupiter-Tequesta A/C, Heating, Plumbing and Electric

TaylorHow long have you been with your company and in the industry?

I have been with Jupiter Tequesta Air Conditioning for about a year and a half (in the residential HVAC industry about six) and I must say that this is, by far, the best company I have ever had the privilege of working for. I plan on staying with them as long as they will have me. I have found out what “as good as it gets” really means!

How did you get started in the industry?

I have been in the electrical/mechanical service industry for over 16 years. I started as a marine electrician working on mega yachts in Savannah, Georgia. I loved it but due to company downsizing, that didn’t last very long. I managed yachts after that for two years, performing all kinds of various repairs on electrical and mechanical systems as well as maintaining the aesthetics of the vessel. This is where I learned the true value of taking the absolute best care of my clients. It’s certainly nice to be able to make things work, but to also make it look good—that’s what the customer sees and that’s how we are ultimately judged as service personnel.

When I left the yachts, I took a job as an entry-level residential electrician and worked my way up. I completed a four-year apprenticeship program and thought that was as good as it was going to get for me. I spent eight years digging ditches and pulling wire and I caught a break when a buddy of mine suggested I apply for a job as an HVAC technician. I got the job and have been working in the residential HVAC industry ever since.

Where are you from?

Proud to say I am a native Floridian, was born in a Key West hospital and worked my way north. Other than a few short, out-of-state moves, I am very happy living in sunny Jupiter, Florida.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spending quality time with my family and doing everything outdoors! Going to the beach, fishing, camping, golfing, boating, and anything else you can think of related to being outdoors in South Florida. We all love it down here!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

By far, making people happy. When I come into a situation where the client feels like there is no hope and I am able to offer the right solutions to the issue at hand, explain it in language they can understand and in the end reach an agreement that benefits the customer first, then the company and finally me—we call that a win-win-win situation. That is what gets me going at work, doing my best to satisfy my clients as completely as possible.

How does Nexstar help you do your job?

I am a very process-oriented person and the Nexstar training certainly helps me to maximize opportunity on every call.

Do you have any standout customer stories?

During a maintenance call, I had a customer climb up in the garage attic to point out a few nuances he thought I should know about before traversing my way to the backside of the home. We both ascended the 10-foot ladder in the garage. When the client finished showing me some things, he put his foot on the top of the ladder and it slipped completely out from under him. He slid down the wall about four feet lower than the scuttle hole.

At this point, the client is literally hanging by one arm (keep in mind, this guy is more than 6 feet tall and roughly 220 pounds, not to mention that he is in his late 60s or early 70s), and he didn’t seem to have a whole lot of time left to hang there. I had to act fast so I scurried back to the access hatch as quickly as possible and grabbed him underneath both arms; I was able to eventually lift him up enough to get a butt cheek on a part of the scuttle hole frame to support himself. So he was safe at this point, but we were still without a way out of the attic.

Luckily, the ladder didn’t fall all the way to the ground and I was able to dangle out of the attic access and lift the ladder back into place with my feet! I was very happy that no one was hurt but I have to admit that during the ordeal, I was thinking, “Man, if this guy falls, I will definitely lose this sale!” Just goes to show that you have to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Sometimes that means saving him from breaking his leg, or worse!

Manager’s Two Cents

“Managing Taylor has always been something of a joy. There are certain people who exude a positive attitude naturally. I have known successful people who weren’t this way and have been less than easy to manage. Taylor himself is a leader because of the attitude he possesses and has a very bright future ahead of himself.” –Jason Molzer, Operations Manager-HVAC Division, Jupiter-Tequesta Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing and Electric

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