MarcRyder4webMarc Ryder, Nexstar-Certified Service Technician, Dutton Plumbing

How long have you been with your company and in the industry?

I’ve been with Dutton for three years. Before this, I worked in construction plumbing for four or five years, and had other jobs: waiter and other things. This job has a little more of a purpose. I want to retire for [Eric] Dutton; it’s good to finally have a career where you want to stay there. I’ll be here until he kicks me out of here. I’ll be plumbing when I’m like 60.

Residential service is a whole different ball of wax, I thought I knew something until I came here.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Simi Valley, CA.

What do you do outside of work?

I got married a year ago, our first child, Makayla, was born in September. I like snowboarding; it’s been so busy with the baby right now. We’ve been prepping for that for the last year.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

I like interacting with all the different customers and just talking with them. I’ll sit there for the first part of a call not even discussing work and just talk to them. You remember them—a couple years later, I still remember customers I’ve had long conversations with, and they’ll remember me most of the time. They’re happy to see you, and you’ve built that rapport with them.

I like that Dutton Plumbing is family owned and operated; I like the comradery with the other techs here. In the trade, you always pick up on something new and you can call any one of the guys and someone is always there to help out or give you pointers. There’s a lot of support.

How does Nexstar help you do your job?

When I did Nexstar I was only in a truck for a couple months. When they introduced the system to me it seemed so easy, it was not hard for me to change; I wasn’t trained in any certain way yet. You don’t feel like you’re selling people anything anymore, you’re just offering. I swear by it.

Nexstar doesn’t just work at work, it works in other aspects of your life, like your home life. You know, I’ll say to my wife, “All right baby, you’ve got options here: your options are this and this, or you can do this and this, but we may be home by this time.” She’s like, “I kind of like these options.” She knows when I’m doing it though—“You’re pulling that Nexstar stuff on me!” Yes, yes I am.

Do you have any amusing customer stories?

I had one time where I didn’t remember the customer, and I did the whole [Nexstar] introduction—halfway through she started spitting it back to me. You want to treat every customer the same—I had forgotten I’d been there.

Manager’s Two Cents

“[Mark is] a goofy, totally friendly, awesome guy. He was very humble about coming into this job; he was thankful to get a job where you get trained with these skills. He’s a badass, but he’s humble about it,” –Eric Falconer, General Manager, Dutton Plumbing

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