A healthy and fit staff is more productive and happier. Build a fitness area in your shop where employees can gather to workout. Base on the space available, determine if you have room for just a treadmill, or for a full blown gym.

Ideas to make the most of your fitness area:

  • Provide lockers for storage
  • Provide showers so people can prepare for their day after their workout
  • Provide a variety of equipment to meet the needs of all levels
  • Hang instructional posters
  • Paint the room a bright color to stimulate activity
  • Provide a means to play music
  • Consider bringing in a yoga instructor for weekly classes
  • Have mats or carpeted areas for stretching

If you do not have the space, here’s an alternative: Provide a monetary incentive for employees to join a gym of fitness center in the area.

Looking for more inspiration and ideas: