If your customers are canceling service partner agreements after buying them from your contracting business, you should be worried about losing customers! Here’s some professional advice:

Chances are, the problem lies in your presentation process, but it’s repairable.
Nexstar Network has a great process called the “The Service System.” It takes you through six steps and each steps has a purpose. The system should be mastered by your technicians and managers.  (I include managers, because they are the trainers. If they don’t master it, your techs don’t have a prayer.)

I sell service agreements in the 6th step (the Wrap Up) of the Service System, not the 4th step (Present).  I believe this is where a customer will be making a decision on whether they want to participate or not.  Why?  Because they have already purchased what they wanted or needed with the Present step and their buying decisions were made on the value of services offered in that step. We sold the tasks wanted and needed without enticing (or even confusing them) with a discount to become a service partner.

If you present the Service Partner Plan within the Wrap Up, you get the opportunity to “Present” again, only this time you’re presenting the option for the service plan and you’re sweetening the pot with a discount on today’s service. “If you liked our service, you can become a service partner and you can earn a discount on today’s services. Plus, you will get priority service, which means you’ll be bumped to the front of the line, you will get no after hours fees for emergencies and you’ll get two system checks on your HVAC equipment each year to verify the equipment will perform well during peak season.”

I believe that when you present the service partner plan at the wrap, you have earned the right to ask for future business and NOW the customer understands the kind of service you will be providing, based on your execution (5th step) on the first present (4th step).

Selling a bite at a time will allow you to earn more trust by demonstrating your services to the customer.  Don’t be so anxious to sell it all at one time.  Chunk it down into bite-size compartments.