By Lisa Schardt, Nexstar® Network Business Enhancement Specialist

Your business is growing. You’re growing revenue so fast, you can’t keep up. You are praying that growth continues, because growth is good. AND you pray that someday, you’ll make money.


If someone told you, “In order to increase profits, you need to cut 30 percent of your revenue.” Would you believe them? It doesn’t even make sense! Most contractors would never believe that.

However, one of the plumbing companies I have the pleasure of working with DID believe their business coach when he told them to do just that.


They believed him because they knew he had a plan, a quite simple plan. Cut out the revenue that didn’t generate, or worse yet eroded profits, and focus on building profitable revenue growth instead. They executed the plan (and a few prayers didn’t hurt), and they have achieved outstanding results.


Now, this plumbing company doubled their revenue in five months of this year, and they increased their profits to more than 20 percent.


It’s true. Profitable and sustainable growth does not happen by accident. You need a plan.

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