By David Janssen, Nexstar Network Membership Sales

We all have icons from our childhood who at the time seem to be a passing figure, yet grow to become a constant part of our daily lives. It’s only after time passes that we truly realize the impact of these folks. Take legendary radio personality, and host of the American Top 40 for nearly four decades, Casey Kasem, who passed away recently at 82 years of age.

I have fond memories of listening to Casey countdown the week’s top hits during family Sunday brunches.  Casey’s distinct voice and humor broke through the chaos of plates of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon.  We enjoyed the biographies, flashbacks, and who could forget the long-distance dedications!?  Casey Kasem was a big part of my youth and my family tradition.

What now sticks with me is the phrase he used to close every show. Do you remember his trademark line?

“Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.”

As business owners, this should be a quote that inspires us. We are all good at keeping our feet on the ground – maybe even too good. Are we too good at being technicians that we can’t be managers? Are we too good at fixing a heating system that we can’t put a business system to increase profits in place? Are we too good at customer service ourselves, that our employees are less passionate about putting customers first?

I think the answer to all of those questions is a resounding “No”. Without keeping your feet on the ground you cannot fully reach – which is what you are doing today. You are reaching for the stars. Just by reading this blog – you are reaching out for a better way of doing service business coaching, managing people and achieving financial freedom.

A key piece to Nexstar’s Leadership Coaching and Training is that we always need to be stretching. Look past where we are and focus on what CAN BE… reach for the stars.

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