By David Janssen, Nexstar Network® Membership Sales

Well, the 2014 NFL Draft took place last week. What an amazing event. As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I wonder if they picked the right players to help the new coaching staff have an immediate impact.

With the NFL on my mind, it made me think. When do teams have the most direct impact on their overall performance? Through adjustments made during the game or actions during the off season? Of course, everything works together; the right draft picks are key and extensive preseason training is mandatory. But I contend it is the game day adjustments that can have the biggest impact on the team’s performance that day and on their record for that particular season.

The same can be said for contractors. Wouldn’t any contractor benefit from access to business systems, staff training and dedicated coaching during the busy season? Growing sales during the busy season is absolutely important. However, taking time to work on your business during this busy season is critically important too! Even if you only spend 20 minutes a day, that might be all the time it takes to have a significant, IMMEDIATE impact on your business. Every improvement you make during the busy season, when your technicians average five calls per day versus two calls per day, can have an even greater impact on your ability to increase profits.

In his last season Emmitt Smith, all-time NFL rushing leader and presenter at Nexstar 2013 Super Meeting, became the oldest player in NFL history to ever throw his first touchdown pass. It was a 21-yard touchdown strike on a halfback option play and the only passing attempt of Emmitt’s career. Give the Arizona Cardinals credit that day. They didn’t wait until the off-season to add the play to their game plan and it had a big, immediate, effect.  

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