Have you ever thought of what a great customer service representative looks like? What characteristics do they have that make them great? Is it the tone of their voice? Is it their caring and concerned nature?

I challenge you to take a moment and picture this precious asset. Is this person on your team? Are you this person? Here are the top five mistakes that most representatives make, but that great CSRs have learned to avoid.

5) “I Can’t _________”

Great customer service representatives focus on what they can do for their customer versus what they can’t control or what is not in their power. Focus on the positive, and be creative to find a resolution for your customer.

4) The Runaround

Unless you are child on the playground, no one likes the runaround. Take ownership of a customer’s concern. They are looking for you to assist them. If you do not know the answer, reassure the customer that you will find the answer and you will be their main point of contact. Show the customer that you are their advocate. If you must escalate this concern to a member of management, make sure you follow up to ensure nothing is dropped through the cubicle cracks.

3) Over-talking the Customer

Often, we are so eager to tell our customers how great we are that we fail to actively listen to them. We also become immune to the concerns of customers when most of the issues we hear are ones we hear every day. To deliver great service, tune out everything and everyone else. Be in the moment with each customer as if they are the first and only customer you will serve today. If you listen closely, they will tell you how to help them and you will not have to spend as much time on your response.

2) Over-promising and Under-delivering

Great customer service includes setting expectations for the customer. Most are understanding when you explain to them what to expect, because fear of the unknown is frustrating. However, nothing will get a customer’s blood boiling faster than having the expectation that a part was to arrive on Friday and then getting a call from you in which you say, “oops,” it will be later. Better to give realistic timelines and exceed their initial expectations than to overextend or make promises you simply can’t facilitate or keep.

1) Mediocrity

In today’s world, consumers have more knowledge and an abundance of choices when deciding who to spend their hard earned money with. They have often become so accustomed to horrible service across all industries that they are armed and ready for a fight. Deliver an exceptional experience and become more than just another expense to our customers. In our industry, good is simply not enough. Challenge yourself to be the absolute best every day and of your team! It has been proven that people won’t remember what you said or what you did. They will remember how you made them feel. Great CSRs use their pleasantries, are humble, and they care. They also continuously grow, learn, and adapt to the ever changing needs of our customers.