We all know that paperwork is no fun, but when it comes to running a successful contracting business, it’s absolutely necessary. As a Nexstar Network business coach, I’ve heard owners share frustrations with staff that doesn’t understand why processing paperwork is vital to the business. Here’s a tip: When techs complain about paperwork, be sure they understand that paperwork is not for you (company, owners, managers)…it’s for the customer and the technician.

Let’s break it down:

  • Front of the Invoice:   This is for the Customer (among other things) and documents services rendered, contains customer guarantees, etc.
  • Back of Invoice:  This is for the tech – this is where a tech documents what he used on a job so his truck can be restocked.  If a tech doesn’t have the parts he needs on his truck, customer satisfaction goes down, sold hours go down, tech efficiency goes down, tech pay probably goes down when efficiency goes down…it’s a domino effect.
  • Summary of Findings: This is for the tech – a tool for the tech to educate the customer to buy, bundle offerings and offer choices for the customer.  It’s just like a screwdriver, wrench or any other tool a tech uses to do his job.
  • Timesheet: This is also for the tech – A record of a tech’s  activity so he can be paid.