Nexstar Network is gearing up for Owners Spotlight 2016, this week in Atlanta, GA! Owners Spotlight is our annual meeting geared toward owners and managers of residential service businesses. This year we’ve had the privilege to book some of the best speakers in the world and we couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to share their wisdom with Nexstar members.

Day one of the meeting will encourage members to get freaky with keynote speaker David Rendall! He’ll help them embrace and strengthen what makes them unique through his talk, “Freak Factor: Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses.” That afternoon, master motivator Les Brown will take the stage. Abandoned and labeled as cognitively disabled as a child, Les overcame these challenges and built his own success. He’ll demonstrate that there is no limit to our own potential.

Driving the programming forward on day two, the dynamic Robyn Benincasa will share her strategies and techniques for world-class leadership. She honed these skills by competing all over the globe as an adventure racer and through her dedication as an athlete and firefighter. Speaker Rod Hairston will close the event with training for smashing personal emotional barriers to achieve more success. He will lead attendees in a literal breakthrough that will leave members feeling fired up and empowered!

Not only are the speakers incomparable, but this event will be our most engaging yet: Members will have the change to participate like never before. Check back in News next week to find out what happened!

If you missed Owners Spotlight this year, save the date for Super Meeting in California Sept. 28-30! Find out more about our annual events by emailing [email protected] or calling Lisa and David at 888-240-7827.