Should I be doing some outbound calling?

I get that question all the time and I usually answer with a question of my own. Is your call board full? If the answer to my question is NO then the answer to the first one is an unequivocal YES. Your people should be aware all day every day how many calls are on the board through the use of an updated call board. If they aren’t; how do they know how many calls to book? If they come in and see that the board is light two calls for the day and four for tomorrow then they should automatically get on the phones and start dialing.

You should have some standing lists and offers available for them to call out on at any time. If you would like some help with this reach out to your Call Center Excellence Coach ~ ME and set up some time to talk things through.

A full call board equals a profitable business, so set yourselves up for success and get an outbound calling plan.