Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Contractors Lead Industry in Employee Engagement

June 3, 2014 – Minneapolis, MN — Nexstar Network® member companies were ranked as top places to work by their employees in 2014. As measured by its annual employee engagement survey, Nexstar plumbing, HVAC, and electrical residential contractors continue a five-year trend of performing significantly higher than the U.S. Workforce Norm, according to Modern Survey, Inc.

According to survey responses from 3,828 of their own employees, Nexstar members achieved a favorable engagement index of 80 percent compared with a 55 percent favorable index for the U.S. Workforce Norm.

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“Our member companies continue to lead the industry in their ability to offer employees extraordinary workplaces,” said Jack Tester, Nexstar president & CEO. “The owners and managers of these residential service companies should be extremely proud of the work they do to provide their employees with stable, well-paying jobs; benefits for the employees and their families; professional skills training; and opportunities for career advancement.”

The 2014 Employee Engagement Index measures the degree to which employees are psychologically invested in the organization and motivated to contribute to its success.

Nexstar will recognize one of its top performing employee engagement members as a Coaches’ MVP at its 2014 Super Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, September 17 – 19. In addition, Nexstar will recognize contractors who also achieve outstanding financial results and profitability, as well as delivering exceptional customer service in their market.

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