donations gathered by Cranney Companies

Some of the donations gathered by Cranney Companies to assist Hurricane Sandy victims from Bergen Beach.

The generous spirit and boundless energy of Nexstar Network unites us in the best of times
and in the worst of times. Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, and reported the second-costliest Atlantic hurricane in history, only surpassed by Hurricane Katrina, has had a huge
impact on the lives and businesses of many of our members.

Yet, despite overwhelming damages and loss, our spirit is not broken. Companies like
Cranney Companies in Danvers, Massachusetts, Raynor Electric LLC in Medford, New Jersey,
and Kaiser-Battistone, in Norwalk, Connecticut, have rallied to help rebuild the communities
impacted by the storms.

All three companies have used social media to build awareness of their campaigns to bring food and supplies into the impacted areas. Sheila Cranney, of Cranney Companies was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support she received from her coworkers, friends and the community after posting on Facebook for donations and help last Monday. As a result of her postings last week, Cranney and her son were able to deliver a service truckload and a carload of food, water, carbon monoxide detectors,
gift cards, clothing and blankets to the Bergen Beach Community Center last Saturday afternoon.

The residents of Bergen Beach were in great need of help. Sheila said, “Folks were especially pleased to find notes attached to the donations, wishing them good luck and letting them know that we are keeping them in our thoughts.”
Sheila witnessed canteen trucks serving hot meals, lots of power trucks from as far away as Alabama, SPCA vans, and more aiding the community.

Sheila Cranney had the following tips to any volunteer electrical contractors that are working with homeowners in the storm ravaged areas:

  • To complete electrical work in the NYC area, homeowners MUST hire a NYC-licensed electrician to inspect the equipment before service can be restored. If electrical wiring came into contact with salt water, it MUST be removed and replaced. Explain to the homeowner that dried salt can be a conductor of electricity and could cause electrical fault or fire.
  • Once a homeowner has hired a licensed electrician, and he or she completes the work, he or she must file a completed, signed and sealed Self-Certification Form.
  • Once the form is filled out, the contractor needs to submit the Self-Certification from to LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) by faxing it to 631.844.3643, emailing it to [email protected] or delivering it to the temporary service center at Beach 108th Street and Beach Channel Drive in Rockaway Park.

To learn more about the work Cranney Companies is doing to help Hurricane Sandy victims, click here to connect to their Facebook page.

Kaiser-Battistone has a Hurricane Emergency Support Line in place to assist homeowners and businesses in need. Click here for more information.

Kerri Rayor and the team at Raynor Electric have started a food drive. To donate or to learn more click here.

A special thanks to all Nexstar Network members that are helping rebuild their communities and to those member companies that are reaching out to fellow members in need.

The Cranney Companies team wrote heartfelt messages to accompany their donations. Some of the donations gathered by Cranney Companies to assist Hurricane Sandy victims from Bergen Beach are pictured here.