Jack Tester, Nexstar Network Owners' Spotlight Series

By: Rachel Whitman, Nexstar® Network Events and Communications Manager

It’s the final day of Owners’ Spotlight Series. Last night, we supported the Nexstar Legacy Foundation by sending Nexstar’s Tom Merriott, Tony Flaminio, Keith Mercurio and Lisa Schardt into a dunk tank. This event was so popular, that we donated over $5000 for the Nexstar Legacy Foundation. Succumbing to peer pressure, Nexstar® Network president and CEO Jack Tester, and business coach Jodi Peter, were also dunked, allowing us to add even more to our Legacy Foundation scholarship fund.

Once again, this morning, we began early. Jack Tester has opened the general session by sharing the scope for the day. We’ll focus on onboarding new employees and the processes needed to successfully monitor and coach that employee to success. All of our discussions over the last two days will climax with the unveiling of Nexstar® Network’s new General Manager Certification program this afternoon. This program–a PHCE industry first–will prepare general managers to provide superior leadership, education them on basic leadership principles, financial and business acumen, authority and decision making, customer service, and management essentials specified for every department in your business.

We can’t wait to see how the program will impact our members and our industry for the better. Jack Tester shared this morning, “Truth + Timing + Tact = Transformation.” Our hope is that in delivering a  robust general manager certification program and by continually communicating and building success through education and sharing, we can continue to inspire and grow together.