By: Denise Swafford, Nexstar Business Coach

The Tool That Costs The Least To Implement, But Delivers The Greatest Return Is…

The Morning Huddle!

You might be scratching your head. A morning huddle? What’s that?

Nexstar members identified this as having the biggest impact on their business, citing that it’s the best way to measure performance of the team against the goals set by the company. It’s about people connecting with people and building a team.

Why does this work?

  • Your team can touch base at the start of the workday before getting absorbed in the day’s responsibilities. It’s a quick way to review the daily schedule.
  • It’s a chance for team members to communicate with others on the team with whom they might not interact with otherwise.
  • You get the opportunity to recognize performance on a daily basis. Giving praise in a huddle, allows employees to get praise from their colleagues and shows everyone that a job well done will be recognized.
  • It’s an educational opportunity. Give your team a quick lesson on a skill that can help them.

Nexstar business coach, Denise Swafford will dive deep into the morning huddle and other effective tools in her Super Meeting breakout session titled, Driving An Accountable Business.