Go on. Look at that! You’ve made it to 2014. No matter how you operated in 2013, your sales probably were good. So for the coming year, you’d be right again, if you don’t change anything, your sales will probably be good again.

But sustainable growth doesn’t come through good sales alone, especially when they are driven by external forces, like a strong industry growth rate. Sustainable growth requires you to focus on all the lines below revenue. Look a little further down the spreadsheet.

  • Were those good sales profitable or did you spend your salary to get them?
  • Were you staffed appropriately to maximize sales opportunities or did you turn sales away?
  • Did you manage your fleet expenses the way you expected?
  • Do you have cash to fund additional sales growth?
  • Did you train your techs?

All of these questions need attention, so get your pencils out and read my January column in Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine.