Now that it’s fall and HVAC installs have slowed, what do you do if you have good performers, just not enough install work to keep them busy?

Here’s an idea: Turn your installers into System Check Techs. To do this properly and to make sure your abiding by HVAC best practices, you will want your whole staff involved in the System Check process.

You all should have service agreements that you need to perform right about now. (A sidenote: If you don’t, why not?) I call these visits “System Checks,” because that’s exactly what they are doing–checking homeowners’ systems for any problems before winter hits.

Here’s what this looks like broken into steps.

Step 1: Identify the service agreements by age of the equipment.

Step 2: Send your ACE service techs on Demand Calls and Service Agreements where the system is over 10 years old.

Step 3: Send the techs just under ACE status on the systems over 5 years old, but under 10 years old.

Step 4: Sent your installers to the homes where the systems are under 5 years old. Why? Because most likely, those systems won’t have issues. However, the installers can identify missed sales opportunities: humidifiers, air cleaners, UV lights, set back thermostats, etc… They know how to perform this work, your enabling them to maximize these opportunities. Let them hunt for dollars and look for ways to improve things for the homeowners before the winter season.

The time to start focusing on this is now. Get those Systems Checks done before the demand season kicks in with the help of your installers that you wish to keep on board. It’s that simple!