Customer loyalty is secured through trust and respect. Customers want to know that they can trust service contractors to do the job right. They want the company to do the work as promised, come back if something wasn’t done right and follow through on their commitments. They want themselves and their property to be treated with respect.

Having your technicians properly trained not only provides your customer with the best options and customer service, but it also provides consistency and revenue-generating opportunities. What is the opportunity? What is the purpose?

Service System for Fall Checks is the perfect training opportunity to keep your call board full while maximizing your revenue. It provides detail on the perfect road map to achieve increased profits. Here is a sneak peak at the areas covered on the fall checks road map:

1. Get call or make calls (marketing)

2. Set up the appointment (call center)

3. Prepare: What are the unique tools and mindset you’ll need?

4. Greet: What is my unique agenda?

5. Explore: A tune-up with custom present that covers whole system

Here you either:

  • Present: Talking about additional opportunities identified or
  • Handoff: Making a smooth transition to a Comfort Consultant

6. Execute: Performing additional tasks OR starting the installation and finally

7. Wrap-up: Back at the truck.

The fall season presents so many opportunities to connect with your customers and create a great revenue stream. Nexstar’s Service System for fall checks is a great way to motivate your technicians! If you are a Nexstar member–sign your team up! If not, you should be reaching out to Bryan Martin or Lisa Schardt.