Many members are using Facebook to connect with customers and potential customers (plus help their website SEO). A key to Facebook success is gaining a strong following in your market and then engaging your  ‘fans” and their “friends”.  Some proven ways to get more “Likes” and build your fan base are contests, donation programs or exclusive deals for fans. Facebook has specific rules for conducting these type promotions — one of which is that they must be produced using approved Facebook Apps.

Introducing Nexstar Social

Now it is easy and affordable to create attention grabbing promotions as well as eye-catching pages and tabs with Nexstar Social. From custom welcome screens to fans-only promotions to large format images & video, your Nexstar Social account (just $35 a month with annual subscription) gives you access to 18 approved apps, as well as upcoming Nexstar templates and app additions.  Change your promotions and custom pages as often as you like — with no technical expertise needed.  Just switch on the apps that match your objectives, enter the text and images you need, and start gathering more “likes”, spreading the word about your brand, and rewarding your fans directly from your Facebook page.