The Environmental Protection Agency’s Fix-a-Leak Week is March 14-20. If your company offers plumbing service, it’s a great time to remind your customers that you fix leaks. Mark your calendars for next year if you weren’t ready for it this time around.

Your customers may not realize the enormous amount of money and water they’re wasting with an unrepaired leak, which is why the EPA marked the week to raise awareness. If it’s a big enough problem for a governmental organization to build a public relations campaign around, you can bet your customers are unwittingly part of the issue. This is an opportunity for you! Some of the mediums you can focus on are:

  • Billboards. These are an excellent mass marketing vehicle. They allow you to market frequently to your customers, which makes it possible for your messaging to break through the marketing “clutter” and be seen and remembered.Select your sites wisely. Work with a professional media planner/buyer – he’ll help you select locations that will reach the right consumers, and a significant number of them. Your design should be simple and memorable.
  • Direct mail. Make sure you mail to your current customers. They already know you and like you, and will generate a better return than prospects. They typically spend more than prospects, too! But don’t ignore prospects. One way to generate a prospect list is to send your customer list to a list service. They’ll develop a profile of your customers, and sell you names of prospects who match this profile.
  • Technician leave-behinds. A great time to discuss leak repair is when you’re right in front of consumers. You have their full  attention! Give your HVAC technicians a sales support piece, like a flyer or brochure.  On both this and the direct-mail piece, include facts and statistics about the havoc leaky faucets can cause. Focus on information that will get people thinking and taking the right action.
  • Social media. It’s important to have a social media presence, and national events like Fix-a-Leak Week are an easy way to make a timely update. Join the conversation. Follow the EPA WaterSense Facebook page and watch for updates you can share on your own page or check out #FixALeakWeek on Twitter to see what people are saying.

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