We work in an important industry. Plumbers unleash and protect the water supply, HVAC professionals keep people warm in the winter and cool in the summer and electricians bring energy into homes and offices.

In a profession that requires specialized skills and customized solutions, it doesn’t make sense for a contractor to use products and services from outside the industry. But it’s not always easy to configure your own software program for tracking service calls or find a marketing and public relations partner who knows how to sell sewer replacement to a news producer as a story for the ten o’clock news.

As Strategic Partner Manager for Nexstar® Network, I have the pleasure of advocating for PHCE professionals to turn common goods and services into signature solutions for plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors.  I’ve worked with human resource companies to define job profiles that outline the characteristics required for technicians, CSR’s, Dispatchers and other key positions. I’ve also guided a software provider through the process of optimizing a software program to meet the needs of our Nexstar members.

Elise Teasdale, controller with Andy Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Holliston, MA is now using a technician lead report program, configured for them by Servman. “Hiring Servman is one of the best things we ever did,” says Teasdale. “We have them create specific reports for us like our technician lead report. We pay technicians a commission based on the leads they provide and when a lead is turned into a sale, they get an additional commission. Servman customized a program for us so we can track it all and the software is flexible, and user friendly.” 

You wouldn’t sell a traditional water heater to an owner of a tankless system and you wouldn’t buy bottled water when you own a water purification system. So why buy the same disability insurance for your technicians that the computer programmers have down the street?

One size does not fit all, so make sure you try things on and don’t be afraid to ask for alterations! Your business will be better served and so will your customers if you advocate for your industry and find signature solutions. I do it for Nexstar members everyday and would welcome the opportunity to do it for you.