I was hired by Nexstar as the recruiting coach to help Nexstar members with their recruiting efforts and to offer advice on best practices, process improvement, strategy, etc. If recruiting was easy there would be no need for professional recruiters, job boards and applicant tracking systems. If recruiting was rocket science, I wouldn’t be doing it. But I digress…

We know recruiting top talent with exceptional plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical experience is a challenge. So we decided to do something about it. That’s why we’re excited to announce the roll out of NexstarJobs.com! The goal of this site is to further the efforts of connecting talented technicians with current Nexstar member contractors. We’re excited about this initiative because Nexstar members are truly employers of choice. The website is for Nexstar member jobs only and is geared towards providing a “wider net” for members to attract top talent to their companies by posting their jobs to the site. 

The site also serves as a source to provide career guidance and “how-tos” for prospective employees. There’s a toolbox section which includes tips on how to write a resume, how to interview and how to search for the right company. There’s also a (written and video) blog designed to help with job searching, career advice and insight into helping technicians understand the importance of what they do. The “Techs Rock” section will help drive home that last point even further.

So check out the site at www.nexstarjobs.com, and if you’re looking for more comprehensive help with your recruiting and retention efforts, don’t hesitate to contact us!