In the residential contracting business, we often talk about setting goals. This is a natural way to keep track of how your company is doing and to show your team what they should be striving to achieve in concrete terms. But do you know your goal today?

Your daily goal is just as important as your weekly, quarterly, or yearly goals. Knowing your daily goal is knowing exactly how you are contributing to the company goal. I suggest you do this exercise: Take a little time over the course of a day and go around to your employees to ask them a simple question, “What’s your goal today?” There is no wrong answer–just see what they say and jot down a few notes. Looking at the answers you received, do your employees’ daily goals match the company goal?

Most importantly, make sure you know your goal today. If you don’t know your daily goal as an owner or manager, do you think the managers on your team know their daily goal? Or your technicians? CSRs?

Learn how to set the right daily goal for your company.