How do you keep your staff motivated when you are in the middle of a record setting heat wave?  This question was posed to Nexstar members last week and here are some of the ideas we came up with to help employees stay sane and hopefully, a little cooler:

1. Bring in a company that does mobile massages. Release the stress.

2. Have a couple of hair stylists come in for men and women. Maybe someone to do manicure and pedicures.

3. Have a jersey day to support your favorite pro football or baseball team.

4. Box lunches for all field staff (or for all staff).

5. An ice cream social.

6. Homemade breakfast

7. Ice cream and popsicles at the shop.

8. Deliver drinks, candy and popsicles to techs that are on the jobsite.

9. Bowling Night!

10. Pool, beach or lake party for EVERYONE! (families included)

11. Beat the Heat contest: a contest for movie tickets, the mall, the bookstore, anything that has air conditioning

12. Contest for family tickets to a water park.

13. Give your employees coolers, with ice and water inside.

14. Send thank you notes to your employees’ homes. Little things mean the most!

As Nexstar Network members, we know you are striving to be the best place to work.  Can you add to this list? We’d love to hear your ideas!