By Bill Mattern, Nexstar® Network Business Coach

Success in HVAC operations depends on your ability to maximize seasonal business to increase sales and increase profits. Right now, AC business is the highest focus in your business plan. One of the top drivers to determining success is to track the rate at which your technicians generate replacement leads and your closing ratio on those leads. In order to be successful at generating technician leads, here are four things you must do:

  • Set the expectation or goal on how many leads you expect from each technician.
  • Give them the right technician training (the know-how).
  • Create a financial incentive for them to generate leads.
  • Measure and hold technicians accountable for their goals.

For more about how to set goals for your technicians, see my recent article in The ACHR News. Or contact Nexstar® Network for business solutions to help make the most of your seasonal business.

Bill Mattern has coached contractors on all aspects of running a successful residential service company. He has experience with residential service franchise organizations and has also owned his own franchise business.