Nexstar-Leadership-LoungeNexstar Network is so excited to bring you Leadership Lounge, a podcast hosted by our President and CEO Jack Tester! In each episode, Jack will discuss relevant business planning workshops development topics from a leadership perspective, including personal leadership development and the development of your people. Nexstar is focused on the success of independent home service companies, but these leadership topics are universal. The first three episodes are live now!

Episode 1—”Find Your Why“: Nexstar President & CEO Jack Tester discusses the importance of finding “your why” and how that can change over time.

Episode 2—”Managers Attending Nexstar Training“: Discover the importance of developing positive work relationships with employees and investing in them through training.

Episode 3—”Do Your People Have the Capacity to Be Successful?“: Business is about people. As a leader, you can empower your employees and play a key role in their success and yours.

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