Member Engagement Defines Nexstar

Insights Blog | 2 min read | January 3, 2024

- By Julian Scadden, Nexstar Network President & CEO

Here at Nexstar, we’ve been laser-focused on engagement for nearly a year. But why? What’s all the fuss about? What does it matter how engaged our members are?

The answer is simple: We’re focusing on engagement because we know that highly engaged Nexstar members grow at two to three times the rates of other members, while maintaining their profitability. Period.

It’s our intent to create opportunity beyond the owner. And by that, I mean that when a member has a growing business, the opportunity for more training, more promotions within that business, and more roles being added grows, and that member is going to need more support. That support is going to happen when the member reaches out to their Nexstar business coach and beyond – to all our specialized functional-area coaches who are ready and waiting to help our members.

That’s engagement. It’s important. At Nexstar, we can actually help members contribute to their own growth. That’s what we’re here for. Members are the beneficiaries when they engage in the latest developments, connections, and resources that we offer.

As we look into the future of Nexstar, we’re committed to serving our members at the highest levels and meeting them right where they need that support and assistance. What we’re asking of members, when we talk about engagement, is for them to take on four specific action items:

  1. Lean into their coaches to have an outside set of eyes on their businesses.
  2. Go to training events to help shift the beliefs of the employees of their businesses – to encourage, inspire, and motivate them.
  3. Leverage their member-exclusive Strategic Partner program. And not just for the rebates. Our Strategic Partners are carefully selected, excellent businesses. They’re also very thoughtful; like member businesses, Strategic Partner companies want to be here for generations to come. They want to be here for the long term.
  4. Connect with other members. This the most critical part of engagement – it’s the very fabric of our network. If a member has reached a stage where they’re successful and are looking out for what’s next, I encourage them to reach out to new members that we’re bringing into the membership. We need them to open their doors; we need them to call new members back when they call for assistance. That’s what separates Nexstar from other organizations: that connection.

Success through education and sharing is our founding motto, and we will always rally around that. As Nexstar’s new CEO, I want to stay committed to that motto. To not seek new things just for newness’ sake; to not change who we serve. I want to do so this so our organization can remain as great as it has been for its first three decades.

All we need is to maintain a high level of member engagement.

Nexstar members, if you are looking for ways to build your business through engagement, contact your business coach today. If you know of a PCHE residential business in your market and would like to recommend them for membership, please nominate them today.

If you are not a Nexstar member but curious to learn more, visit our Contact Us page on our website.

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