Business owners are always looking for ways to build fences around customers through loyalty programs, special value-added services for members and an emphasis on building relationships. The Service Partner Plan recognizes and promotes this relationship.

All too often, businesses focus on building Service Partner Plan Relationships and agreement sales when business is slow.  After all, in the heart of peak season, there are an abundance of customers to take care of, right?  Wrong.  This is a really big mistake.  When companies are at their busiest and see the most amount of customers, they should be increasing their Service Partner Plan count and selling an abundance of agreements.  Before you know it, the peak season will be over and the Service Partner Plan customers will be what the company uses to fill its capacity board.  Help your technicians understand that the Service Partner Plan members you get today will provide work for them tomorrow.

The Nexstar Invoice is designed to aid the technician in Service Partner Plan sales and build ongoing value with existing plan members.  Train your technicians to use the invoice to close more agreement sales in the busy time and your capacity board will be full in the slower time.