When your install team arrives at a customer’s home, are you confident they’re making a great first impression? Your installers spend more time with customers than anyone else in your residential service company. You owe it to your team to take the time to train them on the four main parts of this process. It’s critical to the customer experience.

Your installer should:

  1. Address the customer’s anxieties. The customer is allowing strangers into their home. Build trust, and they will feel at ease with the process.
  2. Understand the importance of first impressions. Avoid making assumptions and potentially starting off on the wrong foot by pulling into a customer’s driveway without first asking permission. A simple phrase like, “Is my truck parked OK?” shows that you’re truly concerned about the customer and their property.
  3. Demonstrate empathy. Remember, many of your customers weren’t expecting to replace their system, and your comfort consultant has worked hard to build a bridge of trust and reassure your customer they’ve made the right decision. Your installers are the last leg in delivering on your promise, so ensure they’re fully trained and aware of delivering a job worth putting their signature on.
  4. Set clear expectations for the customer. Installers should be transparent about the work they are going to do and how long it could take. This is key in building trust.

Take customer service seriously—if you create great rapport with your customers, it will lead to better installs. Help your install team take pride in leaving a great lasting impression.

Consider this: What things are you or your installers overlooking because you’ve been doing this for awhile?

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