One of your technicians is out on a call. They’ve greeted your customer effectively, set expectations and presented options, and completed the job properly and on time. It seems as though the customer is completely satisfied. Congratulations on a job well done! But have you given your technicians the tools to ensure that this customer will choose your company again, the next time work needs to be done?

Think about it this way: When was the last time you went through a drive-through? You get your order quickly, and check it. It’s completely right. Are you going to recommend that restaurant to your friends and family, just because you got exactly what you paid for? Probably not.

In your business, you need to work to create loyal customers. These customers are not just satisfied, they’re thrilled! Value-added services are a great one way to make your company stand out among the competition and prevent buyer’s remorse with the customer.

Buyer’s remorse is regret or guilt over a purchase—we’ve all felt it at some point or another. Most often it happens when customers are purchasing something to improve the quality of their lives, whether that’s for health, safety, comfort or convenience. Once they’ve made a choice, the question of whether it was the right choice will bubble up.

Value-added services can help prevent buyer’s remorse, by making the customer feel like they’ve made the best decision possible.

So what can you do? Tell your technicians that sometimes, it’s the little things: If they are working on an electrical fix and notice some overhead light bulbs need changing, tell them to do so at no added charge. They could also change air filters, check the batteries in smoke detectors, or even bring the newspaper or a trash bin up to the house when they first walk up.

The most important thing to tell your technicians is to make sure the customer knows what value-added services they’ve done! The customer simply won’t be able to appreciate it otherwise.

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