We are in the midst of National Electrical Safety Month (May 2016), and believe it or not, people are more concerned than ever about the safety of themselves and their families in their own homes, and not without good reason. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission cites that each year, there are about 31,000 fires and 200 deaths involving home electrical systems.

Electrical work sometimes ends up lower on the list of priorities for many homeowners, but this month is a great time to reach out to them and remind them you are here to keep their homes and families protected. Here are some ways you can promote electrical safety to your customers:

  • Consider offering a free electrical safety inspection during the month of May, and promote this in a direct mail postcard and/or email. Include a coupon for future service to encourage repeat business.
  • Send weekly tips on how to keep your family safe. Overloaded circuits, for example, are a major cause of residential fires, so let your customers know the warning signs. Include a coupon fix or replace broken outlets.
  • Send an informational brochure to customers that includes warning signs you may need an inspection (flickering lights, frequently tripped circuit breakers, etc.). If your budget is tight, why not hand this out on calls or in your community. You could even leave some at frequented coffee shops, restaurants, etc.
  • Send out a press release from your company to local media outlets in your area educating the public about electrical risks and safety. Follow up with a phone call and offer to be a subject matter expert. If they bite, this will set you and your company up as an authority in the field and get your name out there.

The goal of raising awareness during this month is to build trust and good will between you and your customers, not scare them. Check out the Nexstar website for more service business marketing solutions.