Winter is on its way out, and it’s a great time to start preparing your HVAC team for those upcoming spring system checks. With the right preparation and mindset, spring system checks can be turned into future calls and create a wealth of opportunities for your heating and cooling service business coaching. The goal here is to differentiate your company and technician from every other company. Seasonal checks can offer the following results, with the right technician coaching and training:

  1. Selling a Maintenance Agreement (aka customer loyalty plan) to nonagreement customers that initially schedule a one-time system check.
  2. System enhancements or replacement parts.
  3. Unrelated enhancements that could contribute to the customers’ comfort.
  4. System replacement.
  5. Loyal customers—this is perhaps the most important item on the list. You can thrill your current customers and build loyalty with new customers during a successful system check.

A big difference in a seasonal check compared to a repair visit happens once the technician has greeted the customer and is in the home. At this point, it is vitally important to set expectations and learn about the wants and needs of the customer. Make sure the customer knows he or she will be involved in the process.

As the technician goes through the check, it should be explained to the customer what the technician is going to do, why and what to expect.  The technician needs to know how to gain the right to discuss his findings after completing the system check and explain what they mean without getting too technical.

The point is that the focus should be on involving the customer, rather than solely looking at the equipment. At a system check, the customer is not expecting the technician to present options for repairs, but the customer could be expecting recommendations for improvements. This is an opportunity for the technician to demonstrate his or her expertise, but let your technicians know to resist the urge to jump from an observation about something in the system straight to a recommendation. Before offering a fix, the technician should use questions to find out why a replacement or upgrade could be beneficial to the customer or the customer’s family.

If a replacement does need to happen, the technician (and your company) will have already built credibility with the customer. Start making the most out of your seasonal checks! Learn more.