Joe Huck

Joe Huck Shares His Company’s Organization Chart

Nexstar Peer Groups are a great way for members to network and share experiences. Members gathered at Williams Comfort Air/Metzler’s Mr. Plumber in the Carmel, Indiana.

Lisa Schardt, of the Nexstar sales team said, “The Williams Peer Group was amazing, the biggest eye opener was to see all the great feedback and opportunities presented by the Williams team. There was overwhelming concern from some of the companies attending that they would not have feedback for a company that is so successful. But, with a company that has grown so quickly, there were ideas from everyone involved! I feel that everyone gave back just as much as they received.”

Owner, Joe Huck said it best, “Our heads are spinning right now in deciding which of the great “opportunities” should be executed first. Thank you to all.”

Check out more photos below, taken by Nexstar’s own Ed Cerier.

Friends gather

Nexstar friends gather at the Williams Peer Group.

Jack Tester and Mike Cottle.

Learning together!