If you are looking to get your techs in the door during slow inbound call activity, rather than increasing your marketing spend, have CSR’s start making outbound calls to your existing customers.

Here’s the script: Hello, Mr./Mrs. Jones, this is Jim with Jim’s Plumbing. It’s time for your “system check”. Would Tuesday or Wednesday work best for you? Don’t change a word to this script. It works. Just like when Colonel Sanders sold KFC to Pepsi, he said, “Don’t mess with the gravy.” I’m saying the same thing here.

You are not asking for permission, you are making a statement. Your customer’s choice is not whether they want a system check or not, the customer’s choice is whether they want their system checked on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Take control of your business and turn your slow time into profit season. When customers allow you to come into their homes to perform system checks, they are becoming a target customer. How big is your target audience of past customers? This marketing tactic should be in everyone’s arsenal. Plus it doesn’t cost you anything.  I like free.

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