There are so many resources available to you as a member of Nexstar. You have: The Vault, the Marketing System, the Operations Playbook, recorded Webinars and Podcasts, Strategic Partners, Training Events, Nexstar Staff and Coaches—it goes on and on. But when was the last time you called or reached out to another member to discuss a challenge or learn about another member’s successes? Nexstar was built on Success through Education and Sharing. Lean on the network. It’s a powerful tool.

Here’s a couple of ideas on how you can make the most of the network, TODAY:

  • Call a member
  • Post a question on the Nexstar Bulletin Board
  • “Friend” or “like” other Nexstar members on facebook
  • Spend a couple of minutes scoping out the Nexstar Vault: Is there an ad campaign that could work for you?
  • Sign up for a business planning or marketing planning workshop (there are plenty of options over the next three months)
  • Improve business and enlighten your staff by sending them to training
  • Think about attending (or hosting!) a Nexstar member peer group–we have five scheduled for 2012

Do you have an addition to this list? Post it in the comments section!