How many of you can tell me the difference between the role of the CSR and a DSR? If you haven’t been to Nexstar’s Call Center School–this is something that we spend some time focusing on.

The main purpose of a CSR is to book calls. When the phone rings, they need to convert incoming calls into appointments. Most CSRs have an outbound component to their responsibilities as well.

An excellent CSR has to put customers first and actively work to understand and empathize with thier situation. They then need to proactively offer solutions to solve the customers problem. Qualities to look for in a great CSR are: Sales Aptitude, Empathy, Organization and Task Management, Compassion and Consideration for Others, Team Player and Problem Solver.

Your DSR, or dispatcher, is your money hunter. The bulk of the dispatcher’s day should be consumed with making sure that the best technician is dispatched to the best available call. As more calls come in, they should be evaluated against the calls currently on the board, to see if they should be run instead. Qualities to look for in a great DRS are: Highly Organized, Successful at Multi-Tasking, Big-Picture Oriented, Analytical and Problem Solver.

As you can see, there is a distinct difference between a CSR and DSR. I know that some shops are not able to hire for both positions–but if you are, you should. Successful contractors know that having the right people with the right skills in the right roles, will really drive your business. Remember the big picture for the call center is: providing excellent service, booking calls and successfully getting the right technicians to the right jobs.