Facebook will automatically “upgrade” your company Facebook page to the new Timeline design on March 30th using pieces of whatever content you currently have there. The new design and content arrangement is significantly different, so if you want your page to look professional and include the images and content that you would like to show, you have until March 30th to customize and preview your new page design before it is published.

Learn more about the new Facebook Pages and see some examples at The new design gives you the ability to:

• Add a unique cover photo across the top of your page

• Star stories to make them bigger

• Pin important posts to the top of your page for seven days

• Include large images

• Arrange views and apps below your cover with unique icons

Key Changes

One major design change is the addition of a large banner photo at the top called a “cover.” Choose a unique photo that represents your company and will appeal to your customers. You can get pretty creative, but keep in mind that there are specific rules that apply to what can be included in your cover image. You can review those, as well as tips for success, in the Facebook Pages Product Guide

Each Facebook Page can have up to twelve views or apps, but only four at a time will prominently appear with a unique customizable icon right below the cover image. The others can be accessed via a dropdown menu.

Another impactful change is the removal of the option to select a default landing page. It will no longer be possible to automatically direct visitors that are not already “fans” to specific pages such as Welcome or Contest tabs (now called views and apps) or those that are “fans” to an exclusive deal.  Everyone will now go to the main timeline view, unless they click on a link or widget in places such as an email, your website or a Facebook ad that is set up to take them directly to a particular view or app.

You will also have the opportunity to promote any of the views or apps prominently on your main timeline view by creating an attention-grabbing post with a large attractive image and a link to the special page. That post can be then be pinned to the top of your page for up to seven days.