Happy Earth Day! It’s April 22, 2016, but we all know that it’s about more than just one day—the intention is to think about conservation all the time.

At Nexstar Network, we’re happy to be serving an industry that continually considers maximizing resources and using systems to make people’s homes more efficient. As Nexstar Strategic Partner Manager Susan Tigner puts it, “In those ways, our industry has always been green!”

Our partners have also shown commitment to these ideas. David Chisolm, vice president of marketing at A.O Smith Water Heaters, said there are more and more options for products that are energy efficient, and consumer education is key for this trend to grow in the market.

“There are a large number of technologies that are available that haven’t fully made it through to the consumer,” Chisolm said. “Making sure consumers are aware of new options and getting them more engaged in the selection process is a trend that we see continuing to develop.” 

A.O. Smith is in the process of launching a new line of residential heat pump models that feature energy efficiency and incentive eligibility. The incentives work to close the gap even further on upfront installation cost compared to conventional electric products. The company also just launched a full line of concentric vented tankless products that will facilitate easier installation and replacement and are also easily field convertible from natural gas to propane. The company hopes that its national consumer financing program will help facilitate the adoption of these products, because one of the biggest barriers to adoption is the upfront cost compared to a traditional water heater.

Nexstar Strategic Partner QC Manufacturing is based in California, a state that Andy McIntosh, director of sales for QC Manufacturing, said has always been a leader in the green energy industry. QC makes the QuietCool Whole House Fan, which operates as an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning. McIntosh said whole house fans have come a long way; the QC fans are a sort of “reinvention” of traditional attic fans that have been around for decades. People didn’t use these fans because they were so loud—a main issue the QuietCool fans address.

“QuietCool’s chief benefit is its cooling-ventilation properties,” McIntosh said. “QuietCool owners slash their A/C-related cooling costs by 50-90 percent on average across the country.”

He said many cities and companies in California are offering rebates to builders and retrofit customers who install whole house fans. He expects to see that trend continue as more states recognize the benefits of these kinds of systems.

Many other Nexstar partners and member companies have a commitment to energy efficiency for their customers. What are your thoughts on green or energy-efficient trends in our industry? Share in the comments!