I feel like I’m living out of a cardboard box right now. As a Nexstar coach who lives remotely from the St. Paul office, I have a home office where I conduct most of my work. My home is currently undergoing a complete remodel, so needless to say, my world is upside down right now. The exciting news is that I’m moving out of the home into an outbuilding that will serve as my workspace. This gives me the perfect opportunity to create an environment that empowers me.

We have a lot of great training resources on the Nexstar site that support the preparation stage of our Service System. Some of the processes are mental and some are physical. These preparatory steps are primarily best practices for technicians, plumbers, or customer service representatives, but they also apply to all of us.

Your workspace may be an office, a cubicle, or it may be your truck. The important thing is that your environment contributes, both mentally and physically, to the best possible you. What does that environment look like?

  1. It should be a place that inspires you. This is typically an environment that is clean and neat. Most of us feel better about our spaces when they are orderly. Add décor or pictures that make you feel good and motivate you to do great work. These could be motivational pictures, family pictures, dream vacations, etc. Whatever it is that represents your “why.” I know we don’t always get to choose the color or flooring, but change what you can to get the desired result.
  2. Incorporate features that reduce stress and promote creativity. If you have a lot of stress in your daily life, adding some soothing music or pleasing aromas can help you stay calm. If you are in an office, some plants or outdoor imagery can bring positive energy to your environment. Pretty Zen, huh?
  3. Have the right tools. Just as a technician takes pride in their tools, our tools are a representation of how we conduct business. These tools could even be the chairs, desks, computers, etc. that we spend most of our lives interacting with. Fighting with them is bad energy. If the boss won’t spring for newer tools, buy what you need to be successful. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of your environment.
  4. Make the time to set yourself up for success. You may need to come in on a weekend to organize your desk, so you are free from interruptions. Trust me, the results will be worth it. Also, don’t be afraid to bring in healthy snacks or water!

I know all of this may sound a little too feng shui for some of you, but it works. Most of us spend more time working than anything else in our lives. Create the space that helps you be impactful!