PHCE Contractors: What’s Your Plan for 2015?Mattern_4CM

By Bill Mattern, Nexstar Network® Business Coach

You might be thinking: Why do I want to think about planning for 2015 now in September? Well, if not now, when? Do you want to put this off until the holidays? Good luck with that!  Set yourself up for success and plan to get the first draft or your plan done before Thanksgiving. That way, during the hectic holiday season, all you have left to do is put the finishing touches on it before the New Year starts.

Your plan should be made up of two elements, both of which MUST be in writing (if it’s not written, it’s not real!).

  • The first is the quantifiable element. This includes revenue goals as well as goals for gross profit, overhead expenses, and net profit.
  • The second main element of a good plan is the tactical element. This element includes the detailed action steps you must take in order to achieve the financial goals you set.

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