Nexstar Network members set the standard for professionalism. When your customers see how your techs are dressed and groomed and how your trucks sparkle, they think “clean and proud.” When your customers speak with your CSRs and techs, they think “intelligent and friendly.” When you make happy calls, they think “caring and complete.”

This might not describe your shop exactly, but it’s probably close.

Your people, procedures and products all paint a consistent picture that communicates you’re raising the bar. Why do you attend to so many details? Because you know that everything matters. It doesn’t do any good for your techs to be friendly if your CSRs are cold.

As you’re thinking about the details, make sure your marketing messages are consistent with your overall operation.

Tech Greeting Customer

Your people, procedures, and products all paint a consistent picture.

If you want people to think you’re a proud, intelligent, professional company, then your marketing has to communicate those things. It’s not enough for your people and vehicles to communicate excellence if your marketing communicates average or even below average.

To be a successful marketer, though, every aspect of your marketing must communicate professionalism. If your copy states that you’re professional but your visuals don’t reinforce this, your copy won’t ring true. Professional marketing communications are particularly important to attract prospective customers, because prospects don’t know anything about you. All they know is what they read and see and sense from your marketing communications. These communications provide the critical first impression. Make sure your marketing communications reflect the quality of your entire operation. That’s good marketing.