As owners in the residential service industry, we are in a rare position to personally impact many people throughout our daily lives. Not only those who work for us, but all of the customers our staff interact with, and then even the friends and families of those customers. Our influence can be much greater than we realize.

The holiday season is a natural time to think about and live in the true spirit of giving to those around you. As we prepare our resolutions for the coming year, challenge yourself to live with a spirit of giving every day of the year. We are not just plumbers; or heating & ventilation installers; or air conditioner repairmen; or electricians. We are so much more and can play a meaningful role in our family, our business, our employees’ lives and our community.

Read here how Nexstar member and 2013 Life Changers’ Recipient Brian Williams of Ashton Services goes the extra mile to support his community.