OK, I will give out some sample offers with the following disclaimer: These are a collection of offers from inside and outside of the Nexstar Network as well as other businesses I have worked with. I will keep them as generic as possible so I don’t infringe on anyone’s creativity. These should be used as sparks for your own imagination and at the very least you should put your own spin on them. I’m just going to list them out in no particular order and again I hope you use them to create your own awesome offer in your business.

All of these should start off with the phrase “a business I once worked with offered ___.”

  • Battery changing service as an addition to their membership plan. Once a year when they serviced the inside of the home, the batteries in the smoke and other detectors were replaced.
  • Light bulb changing service for senior citizen customers. The customer provided the bulbs and the techs replaced as many as needed when they were in the home.
  • Equipment Detailing. We might think it’s silly, but many of our customers are afraid to wipe down the things we service. Five minutes to wipe everything down and spray some instant wax on costs very little, but can have a dramatic impact.
  • Braided washer hoses. These are given away with any service line inspection because no matter the discipline, all techs should be able to swap out a pair of hoses.
  • Free Water Alarm. Buy these by the case and give them away for a month. “Professionally installed normally a $? Value. FREE for booking with us this month.”

This list could go on and on, which is the point. Think outside of your normal offering. Add value to your time with your customers and make them WANT to invite you to their home!

As always, when you are planning an outbound calling campaign, make sure you are following the outbound calling laws set by the federal and the state government. For more information about these laws, click here.