Jack Tester, Nexstar Network Owners' Spotlight Series

I jog now and again. I’m not a long distance runner, but I do enjoy a nice weekend jog for exercise. Last Christmas, one of my brothers came to town, and we decided to go running together. We were running step for step, encouraging each other, and maintaining momentum. On this morning, while running with a companion versus running alone, I was able to run farther and with more determination than I had ever mustered while running by myself.

You can look at operating a business in the same way. There are times as a business owner when you are jogging alone. You are tempted to stop running and start walking slowly. This is where the network of an organization like Nexstar comes in. For your business, other Nexstar members can your running partners. We are here to encourage, inspire and share what has been done by others, and therefore what can be done by you.

I have repeatedly heard that the best part of Nexstar meetings is the motivation participants receive from other members to return home and take on the business planning workshops challenges that face them. Sure, the meeting content is helpful, but what really creates energy for positive change is inspiration from the amazing people they meet.

This week is Nexstar’s annual Super Meeting in Indianapolis. I am looking forward to an exciting meeting that will inspire everyone:

• To run a little farther,

• To try a little harder, and

• To find the courage and take on that hill they can’t seem to climb alone.

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