By David Janssen, Nexstar Network® Business Enhancement Specialist

A true passion of mine is cross country mountain biking. I am fortunate to have access to some of the most beautiful trails anywhere in the world. A few years ago, I learned an important lesson about not hitting the trail on my own. What I expected to be a two-hour ride, turned into a six hour endeavor.

I was out of energy, out of water, loosing sunlight and getting scared. I realized I was nowhere near where I should be, and even worse, I had no idea how to get back. Luckily, I found a road where a nice guy with a pick-up truck came along and thankfully drove me AND my bike back to my car.

As you can imagine, I no longer head out on new trails without a riding partner. Further, with a partner, I am faster, more confident, and have way more fun! I know the importance of working with someone else to map out the ride, to keep me focused, to push me, and to offer encouragement – and an energy bar on those days when I might forget.

I now even have a group of riding partners. One is local, he is like my coach, and I rely on him… a lot. The others are similar in skills, endurance, and desire, and we match up as peers. We learn from and enjoy challenging each other while riding.

When I get the opportunity to talk with independent residential contractors who have joined Nexstar, I ask two questions:

  1. Why did you join?
  2. Why do you stay?

Why they join is simple, even though what prompted the call may have been different. They all need help to improve their service business coaching: To grow sales, increase profits, provide customer service training, find good employees, create a marketing plan, get better vendor rebates, the list goes on and on.

More to the point of why they stay, those answers parallel my experience on the trails. Nexstar members benefit from a dedicated business coach. Who as their virtually “local” partner, offers simple, usable, advice – based on experience, knowledge, and proven Nexstar business systems. Nexstar Members also tap in to a network of contractors who have memorized the map. This network of like-minded peers is invaluable to members who are starting down a new trail.

For 22 years, Nexstar’s mission to improve the business and reputation of the residential plumbing, HVAC marketing plan and electrical industry through education and sharing has never wavered. It never will!

Nexstar Network is your partner to guide you to your ultimate goal! If you are visiting the ACCA Expo in Nashville this week, stop by our Booth #547, and meet some of the riding partners that you can count on when you are ready hit the trails.

  • Joe Huck, from Williams Comfort Air, a 40-truck HVAC / Plumbing business in Carmel, IN. Nexstar member since 2008.
  • Phil Smitherman from Aux Mechanical, a 20-truck HVAC / Plumbing business in Bessemer, Alabama. Nexstar member since 1998.
  • Jaime DiDomenico from Cool Today, a 62-truck HVAC / Plumbing business in Sarasota, Florida. Nexstar member since 2010.

For more information on Nexstar Network, call 1 (888) 240-STAR or email [email protected].