By: Lisa Schardt, Nexstar Network Membership Sales

Often times, as an owner of a PHCE company, we think about our Personal Development last. Yet, it’s the most important piece of running a successful company! YOU are the leader – the one who chose this crazy business and the one charged with leading. Now, leaders are not born….it’s a skill you learn, like other skills.

When you made the decision to open and operate a business, it came with a lot of inherent responsibilities. You may have as few as 5 employees or as many as 300. Now, consider that YOU are responsible for not only your employees, but also your employee’s families. That could be hundreds of people counting on YOU! These families are counting on you to “be there” for them in the long run. Their mortgage, electric bills, car payments, food, kids braces, college tuitions, etc….are all dependent upon YOU! Yeeks…. no wonder you are stressed!!

Your role as an owner is not to row the ship, not ever to steer the ship, it’s to guide and direct the ship. You are the one who must plot the course for your company’s future.

Think of someone who you trust and respect. Someone you look up to in business or in your personal life. Someone who is a great leader. What were some of their attributes? Focused, made good decisions, organized, optimistic, goal oriented, gave feedback (both good and bad) and communicated well, may be been some of them. You probably enjoy being around or working for them! That is exactly who your employees want to work for too. Your employees want to know what the company goals are, how the company is doing, where the company is going in the future. They want to follow a great leader. They want to win. They want to be 100% confident that the company will be around for years to come.

Think about this in a sport situation. Would you rather play your heart out for a winning team, or a losing one? What if you played your heart out and no one congratulated you or told you the score? How long would you continue to give it your all? Probably not long, or at the very least you would become frustrated fast.

Unfortunately, we have all lost good employees at some time or another. But what about the “great” employee that turns into a “not so good” employee? Or, that good employees that suddenly quits, and they give you the “I got more money” excuse? Instead of being mad at that employee….take a good look in the mirror. People quit people, not companies. That person quit you…. Ouch, I know, that’s a tough one. Sometimes that look in the mirror hurts, but it doesn’t lie. Are you the BEST possible leader, or are you the leader because it says “Owner” on your business card?

Ask yourself…..Would YOU work for YOU?

Personal goals, business goals, financial stability for you and your company, employee benefits, how to be a superior leader, and exit strategies are some of the things you will learn within Nexstar. We develop great leaders in the PHCE industry. The best leaders, actually.

You are not in the PHCE business after all. You are in the people business.

Take our free on line (confidential) business assessment now. Look in the mirror. And above all, be honest with yourself. That’s when REAL change can happen! Trust me, your employees with thank you.

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