By: Rachel Whitman, Nexstar Network Events and Communication Manager

The past two days in Phoenix have been full of sun, friendship and fun. We began Wednesday with Boot Camp—a room full of contractors ready to change their businesses for the better. Nexstar Network trainers and coaches highlighted the many programs, processes and tools available to transform daily operations within the business and inspired attendees to take action.

Steve Farber presents at Nexstar Network's Owners' Spotlight 2012

Stever Farber wows Nexstar Network with his insights into Extreme Leadership.

On Thursday, we welcomed our VIPs to Owners’ Spotlight. Inspired by the energy of this event and their interest in Nexstar, these folks travelled to Phoenix to learn more about Nexstar Network membership and our commitment to success through education and sharing.

The Nexstar Legacy Foundation welcomed members and strategic partners to a day of golf, sightseeing and relaxation. Things got competitive on the golf course and we even witnessed a hole in one!

Thursday evening ended with a reception in the beautiful south garden of the hotel. Friends were reunited and it was the perfect end to the day.

This morning, Nexstar members were up early and energized. Doors to our general session opened at 7:30 a.m. and within minutes the room was buzzing with conversation and excitement.

Nexstar president and CEO, Jack Tester kicked off the event—setting the stage for the focus of this event—Leading for Success. Jack then turned over the stage to Steve Farber, business coach and speaker. Steve has spent the morning helping us focus on why we are here. What are we hoping to gain from this experience? What is extreme leadership?

One key point from Steve’s delivery that has struck a chord with members is: “Why would you attempt to do anything extraordinary if your heart isn’t in it.”

This is the perfect question to ask ourselves as we prepare for the rest of the program. Stay tuned to this blog as our Owners’ Spotlight Series unfolds.