How many inbound service calls in your business turned into booked calls? Performance management is essential in every service business. After all, the employees answering the phones are ultimately in charge of the marketing budget. When a company understands the cost of every inbound service call, call conversion (inbound call turns into a service call) is monitored closely. Even if you’re not a marketing maven, the math is pretty simple. For example: If a company’s overall marketing cost to acquire a new customer is $100 every time a customer calls and does not book a call, $100 is wasted. Multiply that times the company’s average invoice and the results are startling. Let’s use the 13 critical weeks of summer in HVAC as an example.

Imagine a company’s average invoice for service is $500:

5 calls per week lost (not booked) x 13 weeks = 65 calls

65 calls at a cost of $100 each = $6,500

65 calls x technician conversion rate of 90% = 58.5 calls

58.5 calls x average sale of $500 = $29,250

Total opportunities missed $6,500 + $29,250 = $ 35,750

And that’s just missed service revenue. Imagine when replacement opportunity is added to the equation! Take a few minutes and calculate your company’s numbers using your peak season time frame, customer acquisition cost, technician conversion rate and average sale. When you know your numbers, the company is much more likely to manage the call-booking rate regardless of the season.

BONUS TIP: The best way to improve your call center performance is to make sure you have proper staffing in your service and installation departments. When you are offering customer appointments two-or three days out when it is plus 90 degrees out, even the best customer service representatives will miss opportunities.


Jodi Peter is a Nexstar Network Business Coach. Jodi has been involved in guiding successful PHCE companies with over 30 years of industry knowledge and 19 years of coaching experience. She strongly believes in setting goals and exceeding them. To learn more about Jodi and the Nexstar Coaches, click here or call us at 888-240-7827.